Freegirl Hostess Gift Guide

If we could chat over coffee, you would quickly learn that my favorite season of all is right around the corner.  Holiday parties, family get-togethers, out of town guests…. Sign me up for all of it! I love how this time of year draws people close.

When you find yourself on the receiving end of generous hospitality, it always helps to have a couple hostess gift ideas in mind during this busy season.  That’s why Freegirl has come up with a Hostess Gift Guide to help you put together the perfect gift.

Ambitious AHA Gel Mask paired with a soy wax candle from Dehv Candle Co.

Once the party is over and the last dish is loaded in the dishwasher, your favorite hostess can treat herself to a facial mask that will gently renew her skin with natural plant acids and enzymes. 

DEHV Candle Company’s clean burning, hand poured candles are the perfect pairing with scents like Soiree, highlighting notes of fig, champagne, blackberry, and iris. For a more holiday themed candle, try their Spice Candle which will fill your hostess’s space with smells of nutmeg, cinnamon, sweet cream, bourbon and ginger

Energetic Reparative Eye Creme paired with Meliora’s Peppermint Bath and Body Bars. 

Let’s face it, when you are hosting friends and family in your home, your sleep can take a hit and it shows around your eyes. Give your hostess the gift of a little love for her eyes with our Energetic Reparative Eye Creme.  Infused with Eye Bright, Lavender, Tansy, and Seaweed; this refreshing, non-greasy formula will energize with rich moisture to smooth out fine lines. 

Pair with Meliora Cleaning Company’s Peppermint Bath and Body Bars as an added treat for her next long tub soak.  Meliora Soap Bars are plastic-free, dye-free, preservative-free, palm oil-free, cruelty-free, and synthetic-fragrance free, so you can rest assured your giving a gift she can enjoy without wondering what’s inside.

Angelic Nightime Serum paired with Numi Chamomile Lemon Herbal Tea.

Give your hostess the gift of nourished skin and a brighter complexion with our Angelic Nighttime Serum. Licorice, Lemon and Foraha oil work to brighten and balance your complexion, keeping the tissue toned and protected from further oxidative stress.

Numi’s Chamomile Lemon is the perfect choice for when the guests have left and she’s ready for a quiet house and a good book before bed. All Numi Teas are 100% organic and thoughtfully sourced to reduce their impact on the planet.

And for the hostess who put you and your family, and maybe even your dog, up for over a week…

Divine Cellular Renewal Serum paired with Coyuchi Organic Kitchen Towels.

Help your hostess repair, strengthen, and renew her skin using the healing properties of nutrient rich plant extracts. Rosehips, Sea Buckthorn, Calendula, and Rosemary support healthy exfoliation and renewal. This light silky serum minimizes the appearance of scars, smoothes out uneven skin tones and textures, reduces fine lines and improves the look of sun exposed skin.

As a fellow MADE-SAFE certified company, Coyuchi is committed to creating the highest quality linens in the most innovative and environmentally sustainable ways. Their 100% organic waffle kitchen towels are loomed from yarn-dyed organic cotton crossed with white. Their soft color endures through hard work and frequent laundering.

Whether you’re playing hostess or a gracious guest this season, I hope you can really slow down and enjoy connecting with friends and family you love.

Freegirl was created out of a desire to give women a skincare line they can be confident is good for their health. By using only the best organic and wildcrafted ingredients, we’ve created products to transform your skin that you’ll truly enjoy using. Our MADE SAFE® non-toxic certification on all of our products will help you rest assured, when you buy from Freegirl, you really are getting quality ingredients with nothing else hidden inside.


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