Oily/Acne Skin Care Collection

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This package includes a collection of products to treat oily skin or acne problems.

Products included:

  • Kindhearted Cleansing Milk
  • True Moisture
  • Happy Hydration
  • Faithful Anti Acne Serum

Kindhearted Cleansing Milk

Clarify | Cleanse | Hydrate

  • Envelop your senses, with the nourishing affects of Spike Lavandin for oily/congested and normal skin types.
  • Allow this herbal experience to help soothe blemishes, but also help heal and improve the look of scars from past breakouts. 
  • Kindhearted Cleansing Milk is a true delight to your skin, leaving it refreshed and protected.

100 ML | 3.3 oz.

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True Moisture Crème

Hydrate | Strengthen | Refresh

  • This delicious crème is a bountiful bouquet of pure nourishment for your skin.
  • Rose extracts, Calendula Blossoms, Lavender and Chamomile allows your skin to lock in moisture, soothe irritation, and support cell regeneration.
  • True moisture delights in skin conditions such as Rosacea, Dermatitis, or Acne as it calms and protects it from further irritation and dehydration.
  • This crème is the perfect finishing touch to your dry, mature or sensitive skin care regimen.

50 ML | 1.6 oz.

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Happy Hydration Serum

Clarify | Hydrate | Calm

  • Discover happy skin.
  • Reactive skin conditions such as acne, eczema, or dermatitis greatly benefit from this soothing treatment serum.
  • Kava Kava herb infused with Aloe Vera gel and Pomegranate Seed Oil calm irritation and redness while hydrating and protecting the skin.
  • Happy Hydration Serum can be used with other moisturizers as a specialty treatment serum, or on its own to hydrate oilier skin conditions.

30 ML | 1 oz.

In stock

Faithful Anti-Acne Facial Serum

Purify | Balance | Repair

  • A faithful treatment you can rely on for congested/oily conditions, to help purify and balance troubled skin.
  • Echinacea and Burdock, as well as Tea Tree and Niaouli essential oils, fight breakouts and irritation.
  • Lavender, Calendula, and Carrot help soften the appearance of scarring from past blemishes.
  • This gentle and lightweight serum can be used as a spot treatment or an all-over preventative facial treatment.

30 ML | 1 oz.

In stock

Product Description

This package includes a collection of products to treat oily skin or acne problems.

Products included:

  • Kindhearted Cleansing Milk
  • True Moisture Crème
  • Happy Hydration Serum
  • Faithful Anti Acne Serum
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1 review for Oily/Acne Skin Care Collection

  1. Sarah

    Freegirl Skin Care has blessed me with a great transformation. I started using the Kindhearted Cleaning Milk when I was pregnant. I have always struggled with acne, cystic and regular acne. During my pregnancy it was out of control. Excessive oil and cystic acne all over my face. I tried everything from top name brand products to lesser known products. I use the Faithful Anti-Acne serum all over and occasionally as spot treatment when needed. It has cleared and prevented my breakouts completely. I added the Angelic Nighttime Serum to my routine and it has completely lightened my scars. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could have skin this smooth and acne free! The True Moisture Creme pairs great with my oily skin and I no longer produce exclusive oil. I have never felt this confident about my skin and in the products I’m using. Freegirl has been a life changer!

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