What do you see when you look in the mirror? 

The mirror doesn’t lie. But we do. When our skin doesn’t look its best, we believe we aren’t our best. 

The truth is, every woman is beautiful. 

Freegirl Skin Care uses only natural, organic, plant-based, wild-crafted ingredients that are MADE SAFE® certified to be non-toxic. 

It’s time to make your thoughts non-toxic, too.

Set your skin free.



"This is embarrassing."

Acne-prone skin is congested with whiteheads (closed clogged pores); blackheads (open plugged pores); small, red, tender bumps; large solid painful bumps beneath the surface (nodules); or pimples. Acne is embarrassing and painful, leaving physical and emotional scars. If you feel ugly because of pimples, hate the way you look, or dread to go out in public, set your skin free with our Acne-Prone Skin Products. 

"I look so old."

Mature skin has lost its elasticity and shows creases, folds and ridges. It is aging and sagging. Daily joys and sorrows have permanently etched laugh lines around the mouth, crow’s feet around the eyes, and worry lines across the forehead. If you feel like you look old and tired and wonder how you’ll get rid of wrinkles, you can turn back time with our collection of skin care products exclusively designed for Mature Skin. 

"What do people think?"

Skin affected by rosacea has persistent redness and small, red, solid and pus-filled bumps on the face that typically appear across the nose and cheeks but also the forehead and chin – and even the ears, chest, and back. If your red, sore and burning skin with noticeable blood vessels and acne-like breakouts is interfering with your quality of life, you may find relief with our formulations that target the symptoms of rosacea. 

"Everything irritates me."

Sensitive skin can be caused by skin disorders or allergic reactions. Skin care products tend to burn, irritate, and aggravate sensitive skin no matter if it is dry, oily or combination. Sensitive skin can be injured to the extent that it can no longer protect delicate nerve endings, leading to skin reactions. If everything you use on your face causes irritation or breakouts, try our collection of sensitive skin products. 

"It's too late for my skin."

Fun in the sun when you were young has now caused wrinkles and dark spots. Sun damage is the number one cause of aging skin as sunburn from ultraviolet light damages the skin. Over time, the warm rays leave their mark with dark spots, blotchy or reddened complexion, and uneven skin tone. If you spent too much time outdoors without properly protecting your skin, our organic, non-toxic ingredients will sooth your skin. 

Love your skin again. 

Freegirl Skin Care was created by women just like you, who ask themselves the same questions. 

“Why doesn’t my skin glow any more?”

“When will this ever get better?”

“What is happening with my skin?” 

Explore our skin care solutions, collections and formulations and you’ll find answers to your skin care dilemmas. Contact us for recommendations… or just to share your story. 

Skin Types

"My skin is so flaky and tight."

Dry skin can feel uncomfortably tight and appear flaky. Extremely dry skin can include atopic dermatitis or eczema on the face, seborrheic dermatitis affecting areas with oil glands such as the eyebrows and nose, or the chronic skin condition psoriasis that includes scaling and dry patches. Climate can also affect facial dryness. Add moisture and comfort with Freegirl dry skin care solutions. 

"I have no idea what to use."

Normal skin can be hard to describe and difficult to determine which combination of products will yield the best personal results. If your skin isn’t overly oily or persistently dry, has small pores, shows few lines or wrinkles, has a skin tone that is generally even, and no marked blemishes, you may be confused about skin care. Explore our normal skin care solutions to maintain your healthy skin. 

"My face is always greasy."

Excessively oily skin is called seborrhea, and it’s caused by overly active serbaceous glands or an over production of hormones. Oily skin appears greasy or shiny, and you can feel the excessive oil with your fingers. If you are prone to acne because of  your oily skin, and  you’re frustrated because your face looks wet and you can’t control the shine, give our oily skin care solutions a try. 

Unique Product Formulations

When you open your shimmering package of Freegirl Skin Care products, the first thing you’ll notice is the bottle, made of UV protective violet glass to protect and preserve the luscious formulation inside. You’ll breathe in the delicious scents from all-natural, plant-based, food-grade ingredients that are MADE SAFE® Certified to be made without toxic chemicals known to harm our health. Finally, you’ll experience real results as these unique formulations go to work to set your skin free. 

Formulated with botanical based ingredients to cleanse your skin without stripping or drying even the most sensitive skin types. Our cleansers are hydrating, balancing, and nourishing. 

High in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids this reparative eye cream is moisturizing and protective; improving skin texture and tone while gentle and soothing to irritated eye conditions.

Exfoliate deeply, moisturize gently, soften rough skin and brighten a dull complexion. Our mask has Alpha Hydroxy Acids and a PH of 3.0, with higher acidity efficiency yet mild for everyday use. 

Freegirl moisturizer glides on silky smooth leaving your skin hydrated, nourished and strengthened. It is packed full of vitamins, minerals and omegas, which protect and rejuvenate damaged tissue. 

Our serums are pure, light and silky, packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids, to make your skin soft, supple, toned and ultimately strengthened, improving tone and texture.

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Let's talk about your skin...


Freegirl Skin Care products were created to set your skin free from toxins. Here’s how the products have helped our customers.

I love everything about Freegirl! My order shipped out super fast, and arrived at my doorstep in literally 2 days. I open the box and was pleased by the amount of care that went into the packaging! I especially appreciate their packaging style because everything else on the market seems to be very serious or somewhat childish. The products themselves are in high quality glass containers with pump guards on each one of them! The labels are are well designed and water resistant too. Now let’s get to what really matters. My skin was starting to look dingy and cluttered with sun damaged spots. Since I never really dealt acne, I thought my old skincare routine was right for me. After trying Freegirl, I realized going chemical free gave life back to my skin and the freedom from my daily make up routine. I am truly a “free” girl! lol! This is real food for your skin. Real ingredients, its ALL there, I can read it, smell it, see it, and most importantly FEEL IT. They give clear directions and I recommend you follow them. The results really show. You just have to see for yourself! On top of ALL that, they are approved by the MADE SAFE organization AND cruelty free AND GMO free! It’s honestly a win-win situation."

- Jisong

I love these products. My skin has never looked better after only two months of using them and even had a friend ask me if I’ve had Botox." 

- Sally

Wonderful products for an amazing cause! Thanks Freegirl!!" 🙏🏻

- Liza

The Ambitious AHA Gel Mask is a must have for any skincare routine! It’s so gentle on my ultra sensitive skin and leaves my skin super soft, supple and glowing! It lightly exfoliates, sloughs away dead skin, minimizes the appearance of pores and has even helped lighten dark marks leftover from acne scarring. It’s my go-to treatment if a blemish starts to surface and helps with inflammation without irritating my skin like most products have in the past. This is the best mask no matter your skin type - and did I mention it smells great!

- Danielle

My skin is very sensitive and dry. Sincere C Moisture Complex has completely healed my dry skin patches and made my skin feel soft and strong again.

- Barbara

I’m 65 years old and these products have changed my skin! I look like I’m 50 again. I went from using high end products that were full of chemicals to my Dry/Mature Freegirl Skin Care regimen. I’ve never experienced results to this degree. Specifically the wrinkles on my face and neck have improved and tightened immensely.

- Joann

I have spent a lot of time and money trying to find "all natural" Skin Care Products. Freegirl Skin Care has exceeded my expectations with the Made Safe certification. Knowing these products are non-toxic makes me feel confident about what I'm putting on my skin. The Lovely Creme Cleanser makes my skin feel so soft and silky. I use the Dry/ Mature collection and I love it!! Thank you Freegirl Skin Care for making true natural products that are safe for my skin."

- Carol

Energetic Reparative Eye Creme is the first eye cream I’ve been able to use that not only brightens and smooths out fine lines it has not affected my contacts or irritated my sensitive eyes. I love everything about this eye creme!

- Nancy

Freegirl Skin Care has blessed me with a great transformation. I started using the Kindhearted Cleaning Milk when I was pregnant. I have always struggled with acne, cystic and regular acne. During my pregnancy it was out of control. Excessive oil and cystic acne all over my face. I tried everything from top name brand products to lesser known products. I use the Faithful Anti-Acne serum all over and occasionally as spot treatment when needed. It has cleared and prevented my breakouts completely. I added the Angelic Nighttime Serum to my routine and it has completely lightened my scars. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could have skin this smooth and acne free! The True Moisture Creme pairs great with my oily skin and I no longer produce exclusive oil. I have never felt this confident about my skin and in the products I'm using. Freegirl has been a life changer!

- Sarah

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